About Quantum Teleshopping

Company Overview

Quantum Fitness started off as “Quantum Teleshopping” in 1998, when the concept of Teleshopping in Sri Lanka was at its infancy. We introduced our customers to a new and exciting way to shop for quality and innovative products directly from the comfort and safety of their home. Having been in the Teleshopping industry for almost 17 years, we have introduced a wide range of Novelty products to our customers ranging from cooking utensils to power tools to be use around the house.

Throughout the years our focus has begun to shift towards the fitness industry. In today’s society health and fitness has found a new importance in day to day life. With more and more people turning to healthier living styles by adding good nutrition and exercise to their daily routine, the need and demand for quality fitness equipment was on the rise. Understanding our customers’ needs,quantum introduced a wide range of innovative fitness products from around the world, to help our customers reach their fitness goals.

Even though our focus has shifted to the fitness industry, the essence of Quantum Fitness is all about customer convenience, quality and value for money. The Ability to order products from the safety of their homes is an added convenience. Our 30-Day money back guarantee allows customers to try out our products for a full thirty days give our customers’ true value for money.

Here at Quantum Fitness we seek to give our customers the best inInternational innovative fitness solutions, coupled with convenience, superior qualityand true value for money.


Board of Directors


Mr. Nomal Wijeyaratne - Chairman

Mr. Nomal Wijeyaratne, MBA, is the Managing Director and founder of Quantum Tele-shopping. His links with the international Tele-shopping community has brought about innovative ideas into retail marketing. He has experience in the food and restaurant industry in New Zealand, where he established and operated a successful business of food outlets and restaurants.

He has also been actively involved in furthering the cause of the Sri Lanka’s development towards which he has been actively campaigning in introducing tried and tested methods and policies from the international arena.


Mr. Chandima Udabage - CEO

Dr. Piyanjali de Zoysa - Director

Dr. Piyanjali de Zoysa (BA (Hon) Psychology; MA Applied Psychology; Ph D) is a senior lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. She is a practicing Clinical Psychologist and operates a clinical psychology service at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka. Other than her teaching and clinical work, she also provides psychological consultancy services to several companies in Sri Lanka mainly in the areas on employee recruitment and psychological testing.

Dr. de Zoysa has served as a board member in national organizations (such as the National Child Protection Authority) and is a member of several national committees (such as the National Mental Health Advisory Council).


Dr.Suren Peter - Director 

Doctor of Business
Administration (DBA), Master of Science in Management (MSM),
Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Bachelor of Science (BSc)


Business Opportunities

Quantum Fitness is dedicated to offering our valuable customers quality and effective fitness solutions with convenience and value for money. We are interested in supporting local entrepreneurs that seek to launch products that are unique, innovative and have the potential to improve the quality of life of our customers.

Here at Quantum, we can help you by giving you by promoting your product locally and internationally through our extensive Quantum Fitness and Quantum Teleshopping network.
If you are interested fell free to contact us.