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“Quantum Fitness is a leading supplier of fitness equipment in Sri Lanka. We have had a presence in the country for more than two decades. Quantum Fitness is the Sri Lankan agent for world-renowned fitness brands such as NordicTrack, Proform, Sole, Bowflex, ifit, ClubFit, Impulse, Freemotion, Power Plate and many more. Understanding our customer requirements, we have introduced a wide range of innovative fitness products from around the globe, to assist them to reach their fitness goals. We distribute our equipment through Quantum Fitness outlets as well as through Singer, Dinapala, Softlogic, Abans.”

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COVID-19 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

COVID-19 Origins Myth: COVID-19 was created in a lab. Fact: Scientists are still looking into the origin of COVID-19, but they do…

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සමබර ආහාර වේලක් අනුභව කරන්න  වෛරස්, බැක්ටීරියා ඇතුළු ලෙඩ රෝග බෝකරන ක්ෂුද්‍ර ජීවීන්ගෙන් ආරක්ෂා වීමට අපට ශක්තිමත් ප්‍රතිශක්තිකරණ පද්ධතියක් අවශ්‍යයි.…

What Happens When You Lose a Lot of Weight

When you’ve got pounds to spare, shedding them improves many aspects of your physical health and well-being. Weight loss can…

ශරීර හැඩය ඔබේ සෞඛ්‍යය ගැන පෙන්නුම් කරන දේවල්

ඔබේ ශරීර හැඩය අනුව ඔබේ සෞඛ්‍යය ගැන තරමක් පැවසිය හැකිය. නමුත් එය එක් සාධකයක් පමණක් බව මතක තබා ගැනීම වැදගත්ය.…

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