SIBIC Venture Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is a Sri Lankan company having many international relationships and duly registered under the companies act in Sri Lanka.



To be a challenger among the leaders in the sectors.



SIBIC is growing rapidly with the partnerships of local and international by operating creatively in the sectors where SIBIC is in operation enhancing the best of experiences towards the success.


  • Services in different ways.
  • Investment & International Business opportunities.
  • Consultancy in many fields.

SIBIC is mostly involved with international business activities especially between Japan & Sri Lanka. We are at the most prominent business address in Sri Lanka as well as the heart of the commercial city in the island.  We being a company dully established as a Sri Lanka – Japan joint venture, are connected directly with many countries in various business tights.

Sri Lanka…

Sri Lanka is an island nation located off the southern coast of India in South Asia.

Sri Lanka is bordered by the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Mannar in the Laccadive Sea, and the Palk Strait, which separates Sri Lanka from India. Sri Lanka is situated to the southwest of the Bay of Bengal. As an island nation, Sri Lanka does not share land borders, but does have maritime borders with India.
Sri Lanka has a total area of about 65,610 square kilometers (or about 25,332 square miles), and a population of over 20 million. The terrain in Sri Lanka is mostly coastal plains, with some mountains in the south. Sri Lanka has nine provinces that serve as governing bodies of the country. The capital of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, which is sometimes simply called Kotte. Kotte is a suburb of the largest in Sri Lanka, which is Colombo the commercial city of the Island.

Why Sri Lanka….

Sri Lanka is ranked as the most liberalized economy in south Asia. Transparent investment laws aim to foster foreign direct investments. Sri Lankan commercial laws are based on British laws and country has a highly independent judicial system.

Sri Lanka has dynamic and resilient private sector, which if necessary can be joint venture partners for foreign investors. However, foreign investors are allowed to own 100% ownership of an investment. Concessions granted under an agreement with the Board of Investment – for qualifying investment projects – remain valid over the lifetime of the enterprise.

Access to Key Markets…

  • Access to over 1.3 billion consumers

Sri Lanka is the only country to have Free Trade Agreements with both India and Pakistan, giving duty free access to over 1.3 billion consumers from the island.

  • The Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (ISLFTA)

Which came into effect in year 2000, provides strategic access from Sri Lanka for over 4,200 products (at zero duty) to India.

  • The Pakistan – Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (PSLFTA)

Which came into effect in year 2005, provides strategic access from Sri Lanka for nearly 4,500 products (duty free) to the Pakistan market.

In addition, by locating in Sri Lanka, a company can gain preferential trade access to two large regional blocs under the South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA) and the Asia–Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA).


Wasantha K.J. Premathilake
Wasantha K.J. PremathilakeDirector / CEO
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Yumi Okada
Yumi Okada Director - Operation
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Nadeeka S. Hettiarachchi
Nadeeka S. HettiarachchiDirector / COO
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We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

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