7 tips to keep ‘weight loss’ as a New Year’s resolution

The year 2019 is over now and we all are looking forward to what 2020 has to offer to us! But, before that, like every year, we need to have some resolutions for the coming year. A New Year’s resolution is a common practice in which a person wishes to do something or change something to accomplish a personal goal or improve their life. Out of all the different resolutions that people keep, weight loss is the most common one! A lot of people keep the resolution of losing weight in the next year.

According to a study, approximately 2.1 billion people are overweight or obese in the world and that means, obesity is a very common condition in our global population. So, that makes it very obvious that many of us resolute to lose weight every year! Deciding and keeping a resolution is very easy and everyone can do it, but, when it comes to sticking to the resolution and following it till the desired results are achieved is a very hard thing to do! But, don’t worry anymore! We have got you covered! In this article, we are sharing the best tips to stick to your New Year’s resolution of losing weight!

1. Have realistic goals

To start with your weight loss plan, you first need to set realistic goals and by that, we mean, have those goals which can actually be achieved! For example, eat more greens, start a keto diet, lose 10kgs in a month, etc. These kinds of goals are achievable, whereas, if you set your aim to be fit and have a toned body in a week, it’s just not possible! So, plan your goals wisely!

2. Set a routine

After you have set your goals, you need to plan your everyday routine! Set it according to your preferences, so that, it becomes easier to follow. Always plan your routine smartly because this is a very important step to stick to your weight loss resolution!

3. Exercise every day

No matter what your goals are, you should exercise every day! Physical activities are not only beneficial for people who are on a weight loss journey, but they are also good for the general public as they help in maintaining the overall health and wellness!

4. Prepare your own meals

To lose weight, you must have selected a diet which you wish to follow. So, for that, you would need a special kind of food items for your meals such as

  •  Whole eggs
  • Leafy greens – spinach, kathuru murunga, gotukola,
  •  Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage
  •  Lean beef and chicken breast
  •  Tuna family fish – kelawalla, balaya, alagoduwa, atawalla
  • Beans and legumes – chickpea, mung bean, cowpea, lentils
  • Cottage cheese
  • Avocado
  •  Apple cider vinegar
  • Nuts and seeds – cashew, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds
  •  Whole-grain foods – red rice, oats, brown bread
  • Chili pepper
  • Fruits
  • Full-fat yogurt.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil and coconut oil

But, don’t depend on others for this and instead, cook it yourself. It will make sure that you don’t cheat on your diet!

5. Get help from friends

There must be someone in your circle who wish to lose weight as you do! Just go and find the right person, then, help each other in achieving the goals. For example, go to the gym together or prepare meals together, this way you both can keep a check on each other’s activities!

6. Use apps

You are always on your phone, so why not use it to achieve your weight loss goals? Just install your favorite fitness apps and track your everyday growth, this is the easiest way to keep track of your daily activities.

7. Record your weight loss journey

Get a pen and a notepad! Start writing your everyday progress in that notepad. This way, you are not only keeping a record of your weight loss journey, but you will also feel motivated to keep working hard to achieve your goals!

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