Take up running

No matter how fast or slow you might be, most people can take up running; you just have to give it time to show results.


Hold a Plank

If you’ve been longing for a stronger abdominal core, planks are the way to go. With consistency, you can build up to a 90 to 120 second plank, and visible abs will be yours in no time.


Drink More Water

There are so many reasons to kick your frizzy-drink habit and start drinking more water. In addition to staying well-hydrated, drinking up to eight glasses of water a day will help you get clearer skin, feel more energized, and lose weight. Start by simply bringing a refillablebottle to keep at work, and opt for water when dining out.


Walk More

Walking is excellent exercise that tends to be overlooked. Whether it’s by taking your dog out for longer regular walks or walking to the store instead of driving, every bit counts.


Eat More Fruit

Eating more fruit is always less daunting than committing to eating more vegetables. Fruit can more easily replace refined sugar when sugar cravings hit, so start stocking up your fridge and getting your blender ready.


Try That Fitness Class You’ve Been Eyeing

Whether it’s Gym, or just a local yoga class, commit to finally trying it at least once. As an added bonus, some gyms let you try your first session for free.


Get More Sleep

Always easier said than done, but the benefits of committing to getting better sleep, from having more energy to boosting your immunity, are endless. Take steps to get to bed earlier at night, from winding down with yoga to banishing electronics from your bedroom.


Start Working-Out in the Morning

Everyone knows evening workouts are much easier to get out of. On the other hand, by getting up in time to work out with the morning sunrise, you’ll set the stage for a successful day and can enjoy evening social commitments guilt-free.

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