Creatures That Live on Your Body

Head Lice

These tiny insects can live in your hair and drink blood from your scalp. They’re generally not dangerous, just itchy and contagious. You can buy medicines over-the-counter that gets rid of them.


It’s not really a worm at all. It’s a fungus that can infect just about any part of your body. On your head, it could cause hair to fall out in the distinct ring pattern that gives its name.


Hookworm larvae can enter your skin, often when you walk barefoot on soil that has infected animal droppings. They live in your gut and can make you itchy and red where it went into your skin. You may also cough, wheeze and have stomach pain.


You can get this parasite from infected beef, pork, or fish. If you have it, you’ll probably see tiny eggs and pieces of the worm in your stools. A worm can grow to 30 feet long inside you and cause diarrhea, cramps, and weight loss.

Face Mites

Also known as demodex, they’re basically tiny spiders you pick up as you age. By age 60, you’ve got a couple of thousands of them living on your face. You can’t see them because they’re only about a third of a millimeter long and see-through. All they want is to eat some dead skin cells and a bit of the oil that comes along with them.


Aptly named the “human itch mite”, it uses its eight legs to burrow into the top layer of your skin to feed in your groin, armpits, between your fingers or toes or under your belt. Your body responds with an itchy rash. You might get it from another person if you touch their skin or from sheets, clothes or furniture. This thrives in dark, warm, moist places like your mouth, the folds of your skin and your crotch. It causes a rash of dry, itchy, swollen skin. In your mouth, it could grow too much and cause patches of itchy white bumps on your tongue, throat, or inside your cheeks.

Gut Microbiome

Most of the trillions of microscopic things that live in and on your body are inside your gut. They interact with your diet, your body, and the outside environment.

Mouth Creatures

A delicate balance of bacteria, fungi, and viruses live in your mouth all the time. Problems like cavities or sores can start when that balance gets thrown off. This can happen because of things like dry mouth, diabetes or a weak immune system.

Lactobacilli bacteria

A fine balance and variety of microscopic creatures live inside the vagina.They’re thought to be the first line of defense against other microbes that could give you smelly vaginal discharge and itch.

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