Product Description

With the Home gym you get form and function in the shape of ‘oversized’ padding and commercial gauge steel tubing wrapped in a jet black powder coated finish; whilst the function is delivered via high and low chain linked pulley stations. A dual action arm station is also included for close attention to bicep and triceps. Chest press and Chest fly from a single dual linkage upper body press unit which is all attached to the single fully enclosed 100kg weight stack.

With so many potential exercises at your disposal, split your training sessions in to body parts; on one day train upper body (chest, arms and back) then on consecutive days you can target the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

Multi gyms have come a long way since the days they were just a single weight with a bar attached with the right motivation and effort this unit could see you transforming your body in to a strong, lean, fit athlete physique.

It’s remarkable how much we have managed to incorporate into such a compact footprint but we feel the Home Gym’s best feature is that you can flow from exercise to exercise without having to make frequent mechanical adjustments as the weight stack is cleverly connected to multiple pivot points, which means you get to focus on your workout rather than spend time making adjustments.