ADIDAS Weight Plate (2.5Kg)

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  • Rubber coated to resist impact and protect floor
  • Laser aluminium design
  • Solid steel plates
  • ?Available with 25mm or 30mm barbell holes
  • Sold individually

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25mm elite weight plate


Weight needn’t be just practical; they can also be aesthetically stunning. The elite plates are moulded from rubber compound material to make them durable and dynamic then they have a Urethane plate mounted in the centre of each disc. Not only does this look stunning but it also increases the durability.


Mix up your strength training; athletes from the track, field and all other competitive arenas change their workouts throughout the year so that they can always be productive. For some of the year, consider lifting heavy weights to build muscle and develop raw strength then at other times of your regime work on speed and endurance.


When you lift weights you need to ask yourself a question, do you want a body built for go go go or show’? If you want ‘show’ then you’ll probably end up needing to lift slow and heavy but if you are more interested in a ‘go go go’ body that is strong, flexible, mobile and balanced then work on lifting a mix of heavy and medium weights 3 5 times per week


We think that all we need to say about these weight is, they are so cool that you’ll want to keep them out ‘on show’, even when you aren’t using them.

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Weight 2.5 kg


Warranty – 90 Days


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