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Digital Power guard Pro – 13A


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Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in Sri Lanka by Bravo Solutions, Bravo Programmable Digital Power Guard “DigiGUARDTM” possesses proven protection with innovative technology backed by Comnet Labs Sweden, designed to provide Over Voltage, Surge, Under Voltage (sag, brown-out), and Overload protection at the AC mains. Bravo DigiGUARDTM is a totally unique fully automatic micro-processor controlled protective device, factory set to provide a safe operating window for the directly connected equipment. It is designed for a 230Volt 50Hz AC Mains electrical supply. Its performance is tested and certified by ACCIMT, Sri Lanka.

As soon as the AC voltage supply moves outside the safe operating window depicted by the operating mode, it immediately switches OFF power to the protected equipment and remains OFF until a safe mains supply voltage is detected, giving sensitive equipment proper protection when needed. It also provides the connected equipment with a vital minimum time delay before power is restored.

Unlike lower quality products in the market, Bravo DigiGUARDTM is not earth dependent or amperage imbalance reacting, therefore events such as loss of a neutral link and the resultant continuous high voltage is rapidly detected and protection is activated in a split second (Thanks to 8-bit Microprocessor technology), without damaging your vital electrical or electronic equipment. DigiGUARDTM also indicates the supply voltage variations clearly on the LED screen. This is what we call reliable protection 24/7.

Appliances that can be Protected 

  • Air Conditioner (48,000 BTU and less)
  • Fridge, Deep Freezer, Bottle Cooler
  • HiFi Setups, Surround Sound System
  • Microwave oven, Rice cooker
  • High Power Networking Devices( Routers, Switches, Servers)
  • Industrial Blenders
  • Industrial Fans


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