Product Description


Change your incline from 0 to 20 degrees with the touch of a button. Adjusting your incline allows you to burn more calories and target specific muscle groups.


An integrated tablet holder allows you to enjoy all your favorite media during your exercise. You can also connect your device to the machine’s sound system for high-quality audio.


Motivation is built into your machine with a 7-inch, Web-enabled touchscreen. Integrated technology from the iFit brand allows you to track your stats, create custom training programs, and create Google Maps training routes anywhere in the world. You can also compete with your friends and communicate with other iFit users all over the world.


Sometimes it’s a hassle to create new training programs. That’s why this machine comes preloaded with 32 workout apps designed by certified personal trainers. Each workout program is designed around specific goals, like heart rate, incline, and speed.