/Commercial Upright Bike
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Commercial Upright Bike

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  • Grip Pulse Rate
  • Console display
  • console buttons
  • Display features

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SKU: Upbike
  • Grip Pulse Rate
  • Console display
  • console buttons
  • Display features

Product Description

Grip Pulse Rate Yes
Console display 131x67mm dual color LCD
console buttons backlite buttons
Display features Scan, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse, RPM, Recovery, Body Fat.
Tension 16 Levels
programmable Magnetic Resistance
Flywheel Weight 7 kgs
Programs preset 12
Watt program 1
User profile 1
Heart Rate Program 3 (55%, 75%, 90%)
Reading Bracket YES
Water Bottle cage YES
Pedals Oversized platform w/ Self Balancing
Pedal Crank 3-piece-crank
Seat Vynel
Up/Down/Fore/Aft adjustment
LWH (cm) 113 x 53 x 143
Carton LWH (cm) 99 x 25 x 61
NW / GW (kgs) 37 / 41
20′ / 40′ / 40’HQ 180 / 390 / 432
Max. user weight 120 kgs
certificates CE
Country of Origin China

Additional Information

Weight 120 kg


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