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X1R Fuel System Cleaner


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  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Restores horsepower
  • Cleans fuel injectors
  • Clean intake valves
  • Dissolves gum and vanish
  • Lowers CO and other emissions
  • Reduces engine hesitation and stalling


Your fuel is contaminated with a wide range of power robbing, efficiency stealing contaminations. Most mechanics will tell you that you need to regularly clean the fuel side of your engine to ensure that your vehicle continues to operate at peak performance. X-1R Fuel System Cleaner contains Injector Cleaner, Valve Protector, Upper Cylinder Lubricant, Carbon Eliminator, Moisture Eliminator and Fuel Stabiliser which when combined with Strong Detergents and Deposits Control Agents will clean and keep clean the entire fuel delivery system and combustion chamber. With a clean fuel system you will benefit from a more efficient combustion process that will use less petrol to deliver more power.

X-1R Fuel System Cleaner with POWER-X is a high molecular weight combustion improver for better fuel efficiency, combined with highly concentrated detergents to clean fuel injectors, combustion chambers and intake valves.

Pour entire contents of Fuel System Cleaner bottle into petrol tank. One bottle will treat up to 75 litres.

Keep out of reach of children. Contact a physician if taken internally.

treatment for your vehicle.



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