3Colombo, August 2016: The term Quantum Fitness might take you back a few years as you would recall the half an hour infomercials and commercials that you would’ve come across while waiting for your favorite cartoon to start as a kid or while switching through the channels.

The genesis of Quantum Fitness was during the year of 1998 and it was initially promoted as, Quantum Teleshopping. Quantum Fitness has continued to grow and evolve over the last eighteen years and they have gained popularity around the country for supplying state-of-the-art exercise equipment and encouraging those in our society to lead healthier lifestyles. Since the birth of the company, they have played a vital role in the health and fitness industry in Sri Lanka as they cater exercise equipment to a number of home and public gymnasiums.

The company hopes to approach more customers with their new ‘Discount Store’ located at 151, Kaduwela Road, Ganahena, Battaramulla.  The discount store where a range of exercise equipment will be offered at a prices lower than their retail value as the equipment sold are either refurbished or display models. The new discount store will benefit everyone from the average athlete to the dad who’s trying to stay healthy and kick the pot belly to the curb. Even though the equipment offered for purchase through authorized dealers is top notch, sometimes everyone needs a more a cost effective alternative and the discount store is the ultimate cost effective alternative.

2The fitness equipment that will be available for purchase at the discount store will have 40% or more in discounts.  Quantum Fitness hopes to provide a more cost effective alternative to those who cannot afford to buy the products at regular retail value but is very eager to purchase some of the equipment in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. Owing to the opening of the discount store, you can now get one of the treadmills, multi gyms or accessories you’ve been looking to purchase for a long time and workout in the comfort of your own home. The products that will be up for purchase at the discount store will come with warranties in order to ensure that the loyal customer base is kept satisfied at all times.