Tanita DC-360 S


The Tanita DC-360 S gives a full analysis of the body composition in only 15 seconds. To do this, the device uses the Tanita Dual Frequency BIA Technology. The device has a stable platform that is connected with the display and panel through a single cable. The Tanita DC-360 S scale is the new successor of the model Tanita SC-330 S.


The device can be used for different purposes. The data can be used for athletes to help them create a training schedule. It is also a valuable help in rehabilitation or other therapy.

Because the display is only connected to the platform with a cable, it is easy to set it on the table away from the patient. This prevents the patient to see the data before the therapist does. The measured data can be printed directly with the integrated printer. It is also possible to store the data on the SD-card to use at a later time.

The platform of the Tanita DC-360 S is low and stands stable on the ground. This offers support to the user. The platform has four measuring points.

The Tanita DC-360 S measures the following aspects of the body:

  • BMI
  • Body fat percentage
  • Fat mass kg
  • Fat-free mass kg
  • Muscle mass kg
  • Physical rating
  • Bone mass
  • BMR
  • Metabolic age
  • Total body water percentage

Specifications Tanita DC-360 S:

  • Capacity: 270 kg
  • Integrated printer
  • Clear LCD screen
  • Separate panel with display


Color Black silver
Display 100 g
Dimensions 372 x 375 x 101mm
Brand Tanita
Area of application Professional / Medical
Weighing range 270 kg
Guarantee 5 years