X1R Diesel System Cleaner

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Treatment for your vehicle.

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  • Effectively removes old carbon deposits
  • Cleans, conditions and lubricates fuel injectors
  • Restores Lost Power
  • Dramatically reduces emissions
  • Prevents gas cutting on exhaust valve
  • Improves cold start
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Stops engine run-on


X-1R Premium Diesel System Cleaner is the latest technology for cleaning the combustion side of your diesel engine, helping to restore lost power to your engine whilst delivering increased power and dramatically improved fuel consumption.

At X-1R we are constantly researching new developments in fuel technology so we can provide the best solution to our customers; we believe that everyone should benefit from the appliance of science. For years we have all know that fuel is contaminated with a wide range of power robbing contaminants. In fact the average diesel engine can lose 15% efficiency in as little as 20,000 miles due to carbon and other contaminant build up. X-1R Premium Diesel System Cleaner has been formulated to provide the most effect detergency technology available to effectively clean the entire combustion side of the engine whilst delivering increased lubrication and thermal stability to the fuel. Regular users enjoy an increase in Horse Power, an improvement in fuel economy and an increase in Manifold pressure.

Treats up to 75 liters. Pour entire bottle into fuel tank and then fill up. Repeat application with every tank for maximum benefit. Never treat less than 20 liters.

Keep out of reach of children. Contact a physician if taken internally.


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